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25 Responses to “TGI Friday’s bar championship 2010 – Joel Delos Santos”

  1. shaine says:

    very awesome keep of flipping your the men.
    GOOD job well done! dropless

  2. shaine says:

    awesome keep of flipping
    GOOD JOB well done!

  3. anne murphy says:

    The guy is so very cute…excellent it is a full of confident…
    I love Mr.bartender

  4. mathew says:

    He is from the Philippines..

  5. aicia says:

    wow.. Tgi friday’s Philippines? the guy is so nice….i like your routine very smooth

  6. sheila anderson says:

    cool…awesome….what is your contact #?

  7. khasandra says:

    The best! ang galing naman ng Pilipino..proud pinoy…pinoy rulez!

  8. Flair master says:

    simple pero malufet! kilala ko yan lufet ni sir joel….kaw ang champion para samen

  9. alexander says:

    ….awesome men…keep of flipping…

  10. lassalista says:

    nkta n kta,,,,sa bonifacio high street….sana maging friend tyo…:)
    Great! wlang laglag amazing!

  11. andrew says:

    where are you from?

  12. mathew says:

    tol kaw pumalit skin dito 🙂 galing…naka lineup ka sa mga legends great….
    galingan mo pa sir…d2 ko sa california..

  13. jeffrey ansther says:

    He is a real bartender great move…
    if you go in las Vegas ill give you a break!

  14. celynica says:

    We go to bar to order a drink chill out and make some fun
    that is what FLAIR all about
    WE FLAIR to ENTERTAIN people
    Sir I always watch your video and inspires me a lot
    I wish meeting you someday thanks =)


  15. bander says:

    .his a great bartender..they should call her as “the great”..juggling making bartending more complicated that’s the essence..

  16. gerry cashnire says:

    well, wouldn’t have to worry about your drinks not being mixed with all the flipping and twirling…
    and as cool as that elbow bounce is, I’d say he overuses it, but if i could do half of the stuff he’s doing, i would overuse it too

  17. miko says:

    you are the talented one.. i salute for what you have shown during the competition.. if i am the owner of the big resto-bar in the world i gonna hire you….anyway, congratulations for the success..
    hope you will maintain your is har to do that you know/?magaling ka..where you live in phils?

  18. miko says:

    nkta ko na magflair sa Philippines next top bartender yan bkt hndi ka bro naglabas ng matitinding routine?ang lupet ng gnawa mo non…babawian kta next year hahahaha gling mo idol! isa kang sugo hehehe…
    akalain mo ihanay ka sa mga legends tol mga my video dto mga legends lang pewo…sa dame mong achievements para skn legends ka na,,,wag lalake ulo..hooooo dae nanaman ntong chikz hahahaha peace…keep of flipping d2 ko sa san fransisco..ingt uwi ko december…..God bless……Viva! joel

  19. jay marietony says:

    oh my God ang dae tlaga magaling sa philippines mis ko na pinas more video mo pa nga

  20. marites ogrimenthis says:

    also well done….Good job!
    You looks like my son…
    your from the Philippines?

  21. oscar says:

    Perfect move like no other very smooth..
    the sanitation is good and your move is clear..cheers men

  22. princess says:

    awesome video…
    the guy is cute..:) 🙂 🙂
    nice move..bravo!
    Flaire..excellente viado..perfecto !
    numero uno.:)

  23. master keane says:

    cheers men…..very good..ill give you 5 stars…..
    keep up the good work,,,

  24. mihkaela anderson says:

    he is a new member of legends?
    the routine is good…i like this guy..
    where are you from?

  25. mishi says:

    ……..Who is this guy?
    i like you 🙂
    i love bartender

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