Bartenders’ Shakedown & Mixology Matters Cocktail Conference 2017 Intro

First off, thank you to everybody who came out to support over the last couple of days for the 10 year anniversary of the Bartenders’ Shakedown & Mixology Matters Cocktail Conference at Flair Street West Palm Beach, FL & Revolutions at CityPlace June 26-28, 2017!

Next THANK YOU to all of the competitors, judges and staff that helped execute this awesome event.

Here were the final results

1st Place: Colby Ashton
2nd Place: J Manuel Griman
3rd Place: Michael Arbulu
4th Place: Angelo Delgado

1st Place: Josh Gates

Pro Division
1st Place: Dario Doimo
2nd Place: Manuel E. Picon Delgado
3rd Place: Chad Tocco
4th Place: Ram Ong
5th Place: Colby Ashton
6th Place: Clevek Eduardo
7th Place: Milana Kurs
8th Place: Angelo Delgado
9th Place: Scott Christian
10th Place: Carlos Cardoso

Advanced Division
1st Place: J Manuel Griman
2nd Place: Adrian Reyes
3rd Place: Michael Arbulu

Amateur Division
1st Place: Kevin Pantz



Finest Call STALL
1st Place: Dario Doimo
2nd Place: J Manuel Griman BAM: Clevek Eduardo


Congrats to Dario Doimo on his first place win for Flair in the Pro Division and sad to hear he is hanging up his tins and this was his last competition on stage and he is retiring from Flair competitions. You are a true legend my friend and we look forward to seeing you to continue to support on the other side of the stage.

THANK YOU to our judges and staff: Josh Gates, Amanda Ashcraft, Jordan Mednick, Kara Lynn Ashcraft, Mike Guthrie, Brian Hession, Garett Hagan, Drew Shprintz, Dianna Greene Cowan, Marc Volpicelli, Justin Ripp, Cesar Romero, Danny Seigel, John Buckley, Bob Higginbotham, Nick Nistico, Danny Williams, Peter Anthony, Alexandra Dupuis, Hauk Cornell, Greg A Stevens, Ed Elder ‘Eddie-E’, Harrison Carter, Alexander Barranco, David Bouchard, Armando Erotico, Michael O’Neill, Adrian Brion & Rob Husted.

And THANK YOU to our sponsors Finest Call Re’al Ingredients, Ketel One, Myschyf,, RIPPrint Clothing & Apparel, Flair Street West Palm Beach, FL, Revolutions at Cityplace, Renegades WPB, Tiki-Ono, Bartend Better Now! & BarWars LLC for helping bring this whole thing together. See you at the next event!

For more info on this event you can use the link below:

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