Brugal Breezer with flair | Roadhouse cocktails

Mojito + Pina Colada + Dark’n’Stormy together ???

Roadhouse has been closed. But cocktails you have been served for more than 3 generations will never die with this ICON. They’re disco, old school with lot of memories.

In this video I will show you one of the most iconic cocktail from Roadhouse menu. This cocktail has been in the menu for last few years and here is small guide how to make it even with style 🙂

Brugal Breezer

37,5 ml. Brugal Anejo
12,5 ml Malibu
10 ml coconut puree
25 ml fresh lime juice
5-10 mint leaves
Top Up Ginger beer

Method : Churn
Glass : Long
Garnish : Mint sprig with lime wedge

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