Tana Mongeau $28M BIRTHDAY PARTY (Raided by LAPD!)

Tana Mongeau celebrated her birthday in a $28 million dollar mansion in the Hollywood Hills. Click here for more: https://youtu.be/QjA9FwFzi9A
The party was also raided by the LAPD!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY @Tana Mongeau @tana mongeau vlogs

Tana and Ari Aguirre Shared a night of birthday celebration joined by @David Dobrik @G-Eazy , @Ryan Garcia , @FaZe Banks , @FaZe Clan , @Sommer Ray , Josie canseco and many more influencers, Hollywood super models and celebrities. Mixology Flaired was on the scene to provide the worlds best flair bartending entertainment. Who’s Party should we do next? Leave us a comment.

Thank you to the sponsors of the event:
Fords Gin
Hecho Tequila + Soda
Home donated by: Olaf Carlson-wee

Drone video by : Freddy Chase @freddy chase
Video by: Team Playback @Team Playback
Additional Bartending by @Shea Lewis

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