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Atilla has competed in a host of tournaments, regularly facing the best in his profession, and has consistently finished amongst the top performers. Including:

• Best Bartender’s Challenge Heat I, USA, February 2010 — 2nd Place
• Road House UK Challenge, July 2009 — 3rd Place
• Mumbai Bluu Flair Competition, UK, May 2009 – 2nd Place
• Underground Flair League Heat II, The Netherlands, April 2009 — 3rd Place
• Wyborowa Flair Challenge, UK, April 2009 — 2nd Place
• Britain’s Got Talent, UK, 2009 — Qualified 3 Rounds
• Road House Flair Challenge, UK, 2004 – 2nd Place
• Bartender of the Year, UK, 2003 — 1st Place
• Road House Flair Challenge, UK, 2003 — 2nd Place
• Henry’s Flair Play Bartender Competition, UK, 2003 – 2nd Place
• IBA Havana Club Bartending Competition, Cuba, 2002 — 3rd Place
• Road House Flair Challenge, UK, 2002 — 1st Place
• Break Away Flair Challenge, The Netherlands, 2001 – 2nd Place
• Road House World Championship, UK, 2001 – 2nd Place
• Road House World Open Challenge, UK, 2001 — 1st Place
• Battle of Bar Stars, The Netherlands, 2000 — 3rd Place

Atilla’s record of excellence in competition is expected to continue. Ken Hall is President of High Spirits Enterprises, has himself won six World Bartending titles, and has served as a flair trainer for Walt Disney World and Harrah’s Entertainment, had this to say about Atilla:

“…Atilla has an impressive resume of competition placement over the past decade ranging from 1st place in the Prestigious Roadhouse World Challenge to competing on the TV show Britain’s Got Talent…Atilla is currently on the Legends of Bartending invite list for 2011 and we expect to see him place very well among the top competitors in the world.”

Atilla is passionate about his career and this passion has enabled him to join the elite ranks of flair bartending. He is constantly innovating and improving his already award-winning skills both at work and in competition. Atilla was one of the first bartenders to choreograph his moves to music, and one of the first people in Europe to embrace 3 and 4 object flair. Most European flair bartenders up until that time had only done 2 object flair. Christian Delpech, himself a World Champion flair bartender, describes Atilla’s excellence as follows:

“…Atilla is very well recognized in the Flair Bartending world, not only because he has won many international competitions like (Road House World Open Challenge 2001 in London, Nylon class magazine London, just to name a few), but he has also influenced and inspired thousands of Flair Bartenders with his unique style, tricks and passion for Flair Bartending, the way her performs on stage, his interaction with the crowd, showmanship and ability of taking flair to a different level, makes him a ‘one of a kind’.”

London’s Orbit Bar is a top service company available for private and corporate uses, offering personalized/themed party products and services with different options and level of bar packages. Attila worked with the organization in its infancy and was a key contributor to its development.

Now, Atilla brings his word class flair bartending talent to the US in Las Vegas. Where he will work and perform.

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