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2 Responses to “Leeroy Petersen Flair Bartending Show for Oprah’s Ultimate Fans 2010”

  1. James Leadbeater says:

    Hey bro. Good ta see your talent and dedication is keeping ya focused! It’s been good to see ya on different vids from YouTube doing ur stuff!

    It’s been a long journey since we last met when meeting ur bro. Kinda floating at an even level which bugs me, but have a beautiful boy I named Leeroy. Haha just kiddin like really. His name is Chase.

    I know ur heaps busy dude and heaps of friends to entertain, but givin the chance to reminisce on some old times down at a park and maybe juggle a few for my boy would be cool.

    Let me know bro


  2. James Leadbeater says:

    Amy would love it, I would love it and Chase would be in awe!

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