Jane Kaewyod | Bar Pro World Final 2014

Bar Pro World Final 2014
South Korea

Intervievs, video relations, routines and much more… freshly delivered to your home!

Entertainment is our passion!

Just Flair TV was created to present the world of flair form quite a different perspective. We want to bring new standards in competition videos, including comments taken with a pinch of salt.

Probably you often watched contenders’ performance poorly recorded with a phone — it takes away the whole pleasure of watching our favorite colleagues — we are also furious about that and we want to change it! We are going to record contenders’ routines with a well angled tripod everywhere we arrive. Our cameras will ensure the best quality and provide you with a repeated fun of watching best competitors.

Would any of you like to be interviewed? We would love to! That’s why we plan to show you biggest personalities of this great art – people who practice every day for many hours in the sweat of their brows to improve their skills. But still that’s not all we have prepared for you! Keep up with us and we promise you won’t be disappointed!

Just Flair TV Team 🙂

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