100 Flair Bartending Tricks – Part 1

I am so happy to show you the 1st part of my 100 flair bartending tricks video!!! See below all the 50 tricks of this first video part. I will upload part 2 and 3 soon, with pours, small routines and other cool moves.

Tin tricks
1. Tin start: 1,5 spin
2. Tin start: Half spin behind back
3. Tin start: thumb roll
4. Tin flat behind back
5. Tin flat behind back same hand
6. Tin flat from behind back
7. Tin double spin from behind back
8. Tin double spin left-right
9. Tin spin
10. Tin flip behind the back
11. Tin flip hand stall
12. Tin flip forearm stall
13. Tin double over shoulder
14. Tin double over shoulder into hand stall
15. Tin arm roll
16. Tin arm roll behind back
17. Tin behind the back into hand stall
18. Tin bump into behind back
19. Tin shadow pass
20. 2 tin split
21. 2 tin split from behind back
22. Repeating double spin tin
23. 2 tin double spin snatch

Bottle tricks (working flair)
24. Change grip circle
25. Bottle change grip around head
26. Bottle arm roll down
27. Bottle flat behind back
28. Bottle flat from behind back
29. Bottle flat from behind back into hand stall
30. Bottle flat behind back (same hand)
31. Bottle shadow pass
32. Bottle inverse across the body
33. Bottle arm roll with jigger
34. Bottle stalls

Bottle tricks (exhibition flair)
35. Bottle double flip same hand
36. Bottle double over shoulder
37. Bottle double over shoulder into hand stall
38. Bottle double flip behind back
39. Bottle double flip from behind back
40. Bottle double flip left – right
41. Bottle flip hand stall
42. Bottle flip forearm stall
43. Bottle flip elbow stall
44. Bottle bumps
45. Bottle bump into hand stall

Bottle & Tin tricks (working flair)
46. Tin swipe through
47. Tin flip swipe through
48. Bottle swipe through
49. Bottle arm roll down with tin (option 1)
50. Bottle arm roll down with tin (option 2)

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