FLAIR MIX / Indian Wedding Bartender / Thailand

We are professional Bartender service in Thailand. A winning team with over 10 years’ experience in Indian Wedding. If would you like us to take care amazing drink, offer the widest variety of drinks and bar gimmicks, set up the bar, take care of the alcoholic inventory, design drinks with your concept, you can plan your own menus which us will display on the bar with your personalize glass and prompt in your wedding.

Additional our bartenders can do flair bartender show, enjoy with your guest, serve shot at the dance floor with special shot tools are varied make you more fun.

Please contact with us.
Line: @flairmix
WhatsApp: +6681-0113686
Tel: 02-4085952
E: info@flairmix.com
W: www.flairmix.com

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