US Flair Open & Mixology Challenge 2015: Manny Picon

Enjoy Manny Picon’s Flair round during the US Flair Open & Mixology Challenge 2015 Live re-broadcast at Doraku in Miami, Florida. Sponsored by Rums of Puerto Rico, Finest Call Premium Mixes &

This event was co-organized by High Flair Corp and BarWars LLC.

The final results were…

1st Place: Dario Doimo
2nd Place: Manny Picon
3rd Place: Adam Branczyk
4th Place: Narayana Pena
5th Place: Walter Amoros
6th Place: Richard Albano
7th Place: Jomar Rios
8th Place: Jean Pierre Belonni
9th Place: Adrian Reyes
10th Place: Danny Seigel
11th Place: Carlos Cardoso

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